Constructed Wetland – June 2019

Constructed Wetland – June 2019

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Lieu de l’étude de cas

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh

Principaux objectifs de traitement

Pathogen reduction, Solid/liquid separation

Opex par flux d’entrée réel


Espace requis


Description du processus de traitement

Put in practice measure and predispositions for eventual upgrade/decommissioning
Upgrade/decommissioning methodology (internal team or contractor, tender or employment procedure and challenges)
Upgrade/decommissioning methodology and resources
Resources temporally needed for upgrade/decommissioning (electricity, water, special vehicles, access permission, legal permission)
Needed remediation activities in case of decommissioning
Specific security and safeness during upgrade/decommissioning (type of PPE, specific rules, responsibilities, challenges)

Description du contexte d’urgence

Kutupalong camp has a natural terrain with hills and canals flowing through the downhills. The forced Myanmar inhabitants have their shelters mostly at different levels of the hills, which makes it difficult to desludge toilets pits.

Les indicateurs

Le récit

Leçons apprises

The treatment plant will be soon decommissioned as it is set up in a flood prone area.

Contexts where the technology is applicable:
• Decentralised approach 35m2 for each unit
• Mechanical collection and gravity-fed transportation of sludge is already designed and implemented
• Can be applicable for flat terrain also with intermediate transfer station connecting with chained collection system
• Where there is adequate technical capacity on the loading and operations of constructed wetlands

Contexts where the technology is not applicable:
• Not anticipated yet as system can be reengineered according to the context
• In flood-prone locations, or hillsides prone to landslide
• In locations where surface water runoff will enter the system
• Where there is inadequate technical capacity on the loading and operations of constructed wetlands



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