The first collaborative online platform about emergency faecal sludge treatment and disposal.

Faecal sludge disposal and treatment is a significant problem in rapid onset emergencies. Low consideration is given to this issue when deploying emergency responses, and while general guidance and resources exist, improper decisions are often made. This generates health and environmental risks.

Share Develop Decide

Share, develop, decide

To address this issue, Solidarit├ęs International has created the first collaborative platform called OCTOPUS. Intended for sanitation practitioners, OCTOPUS aims to provide them with a space for knowledge sharing, and to guide them in the development of their projects and decision-making.

Compare, improve, learn

The main objective of the OCTOPUS collaborative platform is to improve practices! OCTOPUS ensures the link between theory and practice, and helps sanitation stakeholders adapt their interventions to the different specific contexts of the crises they operate in. Each practitioner has the opportunity to document his or her experiences, to discover those implemented by other partners, and to compare the solutions and technologies used.

Compare Improve Learn

The OCTOPUS platform is part of a learning process

Learning process
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The advantages of OCTOPUS

  • Crisis-focused practices and guidance
  • One-stop emergency FSM website linking theory to practice
  • Links to sanitation resources and initiatives
  • Collaborative platform for peer-to-peer learning
  • Turning experience into guidance through the OCTOPUS learning experience.